Friday, 12 July 2013


i always wanted a bike trailer to pull random stuff that wouldnt fit in my bag. one afternoon i decided to make one myself. steel and wood are not the lightest materials but once it goes, it goes.

oil drum bbq

our bbq has seen better days and i always thought that oil drum bbq's are bretty bad ass. so i decided to make one myself.

since we got it, it turned into a grave yard...many(mals) have been cooked on it. nothing beats the alfresco dining experience you get with a bbq of that caliber.

hoover tubes 2

my first hoover tubes sculpture got sold. amazing stuff. the only draw back is that i cant show it else where, and that is pretty much what happened. i sort of agreed to display it in a gallery in canary wharf without having the work. 

I had about a month time to make a new one and luckily, since i work for john jones, i picked up a few new skills that allowed me to improve the newer version. I spent a little more cash on better parts and made the assembly easier. the lights on the upgraded version are hardwired led's... that come with a remote control and 16 different colours!!!

hoover tubes 2 was shown in the window gallery in canary wharf for a 2 month run. im negotiating terms with a museum in poland that are going to show it for 6 months, starting in december. update coming soon.

kinetica 2013

its been a while since i updated my blog, nonetheless stuff did happen. two of my pieces got sold to davidoff for an international cigarette campaign. I also stopped beeing a freelancer and got a job with john jones ( they make fancy picture frames and stuff). And of course there was this years kinetica that i took part in.

Just as last year did i make loads of new contacts and enjoyed the fair vibe. I am in touch with a few museums and galleries that are interested to show my work over the next year. i'll keep you posted about any news!