Tuesday, 14 October 2014

bowl & putt

bowling is fun, putting too.


i give you… the(tilting)maze!

it's like the ones you might know from your childhood, only bigger and it is played as a team. there are no holes either, the aim is to pass the maze as quickly as possible. 52 seconds is to beat…

come and challenge me at the kinetica this week, 16th till 19th of october.


hi everyone. it's the time of the year again, kinetica is on!
this time i'll be showing 3 pieces that are all about fun & games...

so why not a pinball table? exactly. it took a while to build and involved far too much sanding, but it sure was a fun journey filled with learning, cursing and of course sanding. why crazy balls?

find out and have play, this thursday, 16th till sunday 19th. x


Monday, 8 September 2014

water wheel 2

its been a while since i updated my blog. lots of stuff happened since then... back in march i got invited to participate at the affordable art fair in battersea,through the kinetica museum. besides showing my xylophone wheel, i also presented a new edition of my water wheel, water wheel 2. ( original name, i know). it was a great little fair with lots of affordable art ranging from £40- £4000.

here's a little run down of 'how to make a water wheel'.